Soarin’ Media started off as just a dream. I was working for someone else, not sure what I wanted to do career wise, but then everything changed. Soarin’ Media was created, I found my passion, and Soarin’ Media did just that…SOAR!


I was in a job that I thought I loved, thought I could grow with, but in reality, that wasn’t the case.  I had already been dreaming up ideas for Soarin’ Media and decided that now was the perfect time. I wanted to do more, especially with small businesses. Now today, Soarin’ Media works with entrepreneurs in over 10 states, and in 3 countries! Every day my team and I work along side our clients building their CRM systems, and growing their social media platforms. It’s safe to say I found my passion, no, let’s get you back on track, take your business to new heights, and watch it SOAR!



You and I will sit down for 60 mins and do a deep dive into your Honeybook. We’ll take a look at workflows, emails, templates, and make sure all of your assets are up to speed. When working together I am here to answer any and all questions! You’ll also receive 10 days of Voxer/Email communication. 


I get it, you’re a busy business owner! While we love that Honeybook has many automations, there are also one off emails, updates, missed payments, inquiries and so much more happening on a weekly and monthly basis. 

While working together, I will be inside of your Honeybook 3 days a week, sending updates, and ultimately being your Honeybook Virtual Assistant. 

It is my goal to make sure that while you’re focusing on YOUR business, and what you love to do, everything is running smoothly behind the scene. 

set up

Just imagine, two weeks from now you log into your Honeybook and everything is DONE. 

With the Set Up Service you’ll receive:

  • Branding (logo, images, color codes)
  • Contract Template(s)
  • Package Template(s)
  • Brochure and Proposal Design (If Needed)
  • Flow Design (If Needed)
  • Email Copy
  • Calendly/Scheduler Set Up
  • Form Link
  • Loom Videos

After the full Set Up Service you’ll receive 30 days of Voxer/Email communication for any updates/revisions

Social Media Management


It’s just the beginning. You take a look at the social platforms, and you know what you want. You know what platforms you want to be on, and the content you want to create. 

But, how do you actually create the needed business accounts?

We’ll work together and make sure all your platforms are set up appropriately, with full branding, and even get you started with the first week of posts!


You’re already on social media, but need that extra assistance with content creation and engagement. 

With content both you provide, and Soarin’ Media creates for you, we’ll be able to drive clients to your business, increase community engagement, and conduct lead generation. 

Platforms Soain’ Media works with: 

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Teamwork makes the dream work! 


Imagine waking up to new clients in your inbox, lines out the door, and the phone ringing off the hook. How did this happen?! 

Simple, your social media platforms are producing STELLAR content, your copy is EXACTLY what you need (with the perfect Call to Action), and content is being produced in real time. Best part? You don’t have to do any of it! 

There’s no need to life a finger! Soarin’ Media has your back! 

Social Media Strategy

1:1 Strategy

You and I will sit down for 60 mins and talk all thing social media, scheduling, content creation, and answer any questions you have. This is a great option if you have a vision, but not totally sure on how to execute the vision. 


We’ll do a deep dive into your social platforms. In the 2 day “VIP Day” we’ll work through platforms, content, branding, scheduling and forecasting. By the end of our time together you’ll have 3 months worth of content ready to go! Of course I’ll be available during those 3 months to check-in, answer questions, and rearrange, and adjust any content as needed. 

Guest Speaking

Satisfied Customers